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I want to touch on this dating sites that are coming on as we are coming out of this lock down. I have even been duped by these fake accounts who try to get things out of me instead of really concentrating on finding a true love or life partner or what ever people call the relationship that they having with eachother .

Let me give you an example, The amount of times i have met online social medias EG: Facebook date, Tinder, P.O.F(plenty of and other to be honest porn sites that i have been sent the link to in return for chatting with the respectable lady i just met on twitter, instagram,

I mean I have sent so many ladies i met money (only £25 at a time) however after a while this can really affect your confidence, and insecurities which are already there anyway LOL.

i mean come on why do people not complain about these sorts of scams online I mean i watched rip off Britain so many times now i am thinking every person i meet online are they really who they say they are I am not talking about lying about your age or your hobbies lol no IAM talking about people putting up fake photos and pretending to be them and delaying meeting face to face, because they have a broken phone or they cant get internet when they are home and they have to go out everywhere to get internet so “Could I send them a mobile phone so that they can see only me and noone else, I mean at this time I havent even seen them online live let alone trust them to be who they are.

I mean the way I am explaining it it can be confusing.

HOWEVER What I would like to say is I have been let down by these dating sites that i really think i should just give the money i pay for memberships to some charity.

So please leave a comment or even get in touch with us and tell us your story of trying to find true love among the wild world of dating.