Dear Reader,
2018 was an interesting year for the markets to say the least.
The longest – and most lucrative – bull market in history hit new all-time highs.
Then, in October the Dow erased its gains for the whole year in one fell swoop.
No one knows exactly where they’re headed next.
So let me be clear: the purpose of this report is not to predict where the wider market is headed.
This report aims to identify three buy and hold stocks with the potential to be winners, regardless of whether the market shoots up, down or sideways.
To do that with any degree of accuracy, I believe there’s only one option.
Find a huge – age old – industry undergoing a fundamental step-change.
Right now, no sector fits the bill better than the $2.2 trillion energy market.
As we speak, the energy market is seeing a disruptive shift away from fossil fuels into renewables.
One of the oldest industries on the planet is essentially being reborn. With that rebirth comes big opportunity.
Now, I’m about to show you three companies that have great positioning in this massive market expansion.
And I believe they could be huge winners in 2020, no matter what happens in the wider market.
During my time as an energy analyst in Manhattan, I learnt a lot about new emerging technologies in the energy market. It allowed me to see behind the curtain and what was on the horizon for energy. And it’s undergoing a major transformation, thanks to the technological advancements from these three companies…
But just to be clear: I’m not laying out these three buy and hold stocks as recommendations. This is analysis I’ve put together overtime – which any investor interested in the energy market should find useful.
As with all investments, I recommend doing a bit of research into these companies – make sure you’re comfortable with the risks involved and draw your own conclusions before taking action. For example, these are new companies in a young, emerging industry, and don’t have the same long track record as many bigger, and better established companies. That makes them inherently more risky. If you’re unsure you should seek advice. However, I think they have huge potential.